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Heating season: pay attention to fire hazards

The temperatures drop, the risk of fire increases

During the heating period, home accidents linked to the fire are becoming more prevalent. Obsolete or improper electrical installations, overloaded multi-socket, improperly installed or maintained heating systems, appliances on standby, badly extinguished butt or chimney fire, negligence in the kitchen, burning candles unattended…All these are factors that may cause serious home fires.

Every year in France, fires cause an average of 460 deaths and 16.000 injuries. Every 2 minutes a domestic fire declares itself. The temperature of a room on fire can reach 600°C in just 3 minutes. Fatal fires mostly occur at night: 70% of the victims die while they sleep, poisoned by smoke. Finally, one fire out of four results from a defective electrical installation.

Smoke detector: a mandatory equipment to look after your safety

Since March 2015, the installation of a smoke alarm is mandatory in all dwellings. The detector is triggered in the event of a fire breaking out and will send you a warning in time so that you can react as quickly as possible.

Connected smoke detector: to combine security, safety, comfort and energy savings

Why not opt for a connected smoke alarm? These devices offer advanced features to check the correct functioning of the product. The risks of failure are reduced: occupants are alerted in case of low battery, sensor fault or detector end-of-life. Besides, the detector maintenance is facilitated thanks to maintenance record and notifications.

Some connected smoke detectors, like INSAFE+ Origin, are equipped with a battery with a 10-year service life. This feature not only guarantees security during the entire life of the product but is part of an eco-responsible process as well by avoiding continuous battery replacements.

INSAFE+ Origin is not just a simple smoke detector. This new generation product is indeed enhanced with temperature and humidity sensors. Thanks to its embedded IZIAR algorithm, INSAFE+ Origin smoke detector calculates an indoor air quality index and gives the occupants advices on best practices to be adopted. The analysis of air quality is a factor to be monitored given that indoor air is actually 5 to 7 times more polluted than outdoors.

By controlling the temperature, INSAFE+ Origin also contributes to maximize energy efficiency of housings. Customized information is given to the occupants to reach optimal ambient conditions. Besides, this connected smoke detector can enable the automatic control of heating and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems.

Thanks to INSAFE+ Origin, the building is serving the occupants. New services can be offered: home care for the elderly, dependent or frail people, optimization of hygrothermal comfort, reduction in energy bills, etc.

Therefore, INSAFE+ Origin is more than a smoke alarm. This multipurpose sensor ensures security and safety with the smoke detection function and improves comfort and energy consumption of housing with the indoor air quality monitoring function.

INSAFE+ Origin connected smoke detector is compatible with the main IoT communication protocols WPAN (Zigbee, Enocean) and LPWAN (Sigfox, Lora).

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