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INSAFE+: Key products for Smart Home and Smart Building markets

Dernière mise à jour : 4 déc. 2019

In many European countries and the U.S., smoke, carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide detectors are required by law. Over 500 million detectors have been installed in the world, with an annual renewal rate close to 10%. This large market moves progressively towards a new generation of connected products and is expected to grow rapidly with the soaring popularity of smart homes and buildings.

Multi-sensor air analysis technology

Nexelec offers a wireless sensor range and IoT solutions focused on air quality analysis, safety and energy efficiency for connected homes and buildings.

This range called INSAFE+ is composed of several references:

· Origin : connected smoke detector and air quality monitor

· Air : connected carbon monoxide (CO) detector and air quality monitor

· Pilot : connected temperature and humidity sensor and air quality monitor

· Carbon : connected carbon dioxide (CO2) detector and air quality monitor

· PMi : connected Particulate Matter (PM) sensor and air quality monitor

These connected detectors continuously analyse and compare the measures of temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide, fine particles or carbon dioxide. Based on its Edge Computing architecture and IZIAIR embedded algorithm, these sensors calculate an indoor air quality index to help you take the appropriate actions.

INSAFE+ range integrates with many different automation environments, thanks to a wide array of compatible radio protocols (EnOcean, Lora, Zigbee, Sigfox).This innovative approach provides reliable and cost-effective data to improve building energy efficiency while ensuring occupant safety and comfort.

As a high-performance all-in-one product, INSAFE+ is an ideal situation for professionals: property developers, social landlords, property managers, distributors, wholesalers, communities, public establishment, insurers, asset managers, remote support or remote surveillance firms, home automation partners, or home care services.

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