INSAFE+Pilot: a connected temperature and humidity sensor to optimize comfort and energy consumption

Nexelec offers a wireless sensor range and IoT solutions focused on air quality analysis, safety and energy efficiency for connected homes and buildings.

The latest addition to the new generation connected range is INSAFE+ Pilot, which is a connected temperature and humidity sensor. It measures ambient temperature and relative humidity, which enables to optimize comfort and energy consumption of homes and buildings. Indeed, a temperature reduction by 1°C enables to cut the energy bill by 7%. Deployed in volume in a tertiary building, INSAFE+ Pilot temperature and humidity sensor continuously monitors the temperature to the nearest tenth of a degree.

Based on its iZiAiR embedded algorithm, INSAFE+ Pilot calculates an indoor air quality index to help you take the appropriate actions. iZiAiR offers to the occupants and operators the possibility to improve Indoor Air Quality thanks to appropriate advice.

INSAFE+ Pilot distinguishes itself by its ease of installation: it is wireless and equipped with batteries with lifetime greater than five years. It can also be integrated into most of connected ecosystems thanks to its large range of compatible radio protocols (EnOcean, Lora, Sigfox). INSAFE+ Pilot is also a connected push button that enables to automate actions and take control of various connected devices and services. The introduction of such a device provides reliable and cost-effective data to improve building energy efficiency while ensuring occupant comfort.

INSAFE+ Pilot is an ideal product to control thermal comfort in commercial buildings, collective housings and technical areas. This device is particularly interesting within the framework of the French 2020 RT thermal regulations. This new law, applicable to all new constructions at the end of 2020, aims to reduce energy consumption, taking into account heating, ventilating, air conditioning (HVAC) and also domestic hot water and lighting. The intelligent use of energy is another point highlighted by the 2020 RT. It is where smart sensors come in. INSAFE+ Pilot sensor for instance enables not only to measure and adjust temperature and humidity but also to interpret and improve indoor air quality.

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