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Smart Building and Smart Home: improve comfort, safety and energy efficiency

In order to meet economic, ecological and legal constraints of our ever-changing society, buildings must be able to respond flexibly to adapt to the needs of property managers, operators and occupants.

Thanks to advances in IoT, Smart Building makes it possible to collect and communicate in real time data on its use and status.

In the age of digitalization and emergence of connected objects, Smart Building and Smart Home appear today as tomorrow’s building and housing. They combine performances, energy efficiency, safety and user comfort.

Ensure safety

The installation of connected sensors enables a better control and thus an increased security in the building. All the data, events or alarms will converge to have an overview of the building. This major change enables not only to protect individuals and property (fire safety, CO and CO2 detection, etc.) but to implement a strategy of predictive maintenance as well. Indeed, beyond the reporting of information (device status, battery level, measurements, etc.), the various alarm systems will detect any sign of failure in order to foresee possible breakdowns. The connected smoke detectors such as INSAFE+ Origin for example continuously ensure fire safety in housing and inform in real time the occupants and the family members.

Provide greater comfort

Being smart and connected, residential and commercial buildings are now designed to improve occupants’ well-being. These new living areas simplify daily life in part thanks to the remote management of devices. Smart Buildings also enable to adjust the settings to suit occupant needs. For example, optimal and customized ambient conditions can be reached in terms temperature, lighting, operation of equipment, etc.

Besides, a good management of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is also a major factor for occupants’ comfort and health. Today buildings are designed to be airtight in order to limit energy consumption. It is therefore vital to control and manage IAQ. The IZIAIR index was developed to address this issue by providing a unique and simple IAQ solution. IZIAIR enables the occupants to interpret and improve Indoor Air Quality thanks to specific advice and smart sensors. Some real-estate developers such as Bouygues Immobilier and the Pichet Group already offer this solution in their new housing offer. Other players in tertiary building use CO2 sensors like INSAFE+ Carbon to improve indoor air quality thanks to a continuous monitoring of ventilation conditions in collective areas or offices.

Finally, the smart building becomes a multi-purpose platform. New customized services can be offered to the occupants: home care for the elderly, dependent or frail people, optimization of hygrothermal comfort, analysis of occupancy rates for office space, etc. In that way, the building is serving the occupants and collaborators.

Optimize energy management

The continuous increase in energy costs, the environmental impact as well as the strengthening of regulations have all contributed to the development of connected and smart buildings.

The building sector is the area that requires the most significant amounts of energy: it consumes more than 45% of total world energy and produces almost 23% of CO2 emissions. Smart Building aims to rationalize these energy spending by saving up to 20% of total energy. Thus, the building limits its environmental impact and is part of a sustainable development approach. The control of indoor temperature is a key issue. Indeed, a temperature reduction by 1°C enables to cut the energy bill by 7%. Deployed in volume in a tertiary building, INSAFE+ Pilot temperature and humidity sensor continuously monitor the temperature to the nearest tenth of a degree.

Smart Building not only helps reduce energy consumption but increases building profitability as well. Maintenance and operation costs are optimized.

Thus, Smart Building can be defined as a connected building equipped with smart systems (connected sensors, user services, etc.) that is aimed to optimize security, safety, comfort and energy consumption.

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