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The Pichet Group and Nexelec are collaborating for a more comfortable and secure connected housing

Mis à jour : 4 déc. 2019

In partnership with various service providers including Nexelec, the Pichet Group will deliver its first connected residence in Bordeaux as part of its Pichet&Co offer.

This program of smart homes will be implemented for the first time on the Patio Bordelais residence located in the heart of Bordeaux-Caudéran historic district.

The Patio Bordelais hosts 42 modern and connected housings that will be delivered at year-end.

In order to provide occupants with an optimal comfort of life, the Pichet Group has equipped its apartments with IoT-type devices, which can be controlled remotely from a mobile application.

Among these smart equipments, each apartment has an INSAFE+ Origin connected smoke detector that fulfils two main functions: smoke detection and indoor air quality control.

The parameters analyzed by these new generation sensors aim to:

- Ensure the safety of occupants against the fire risk. The alerts can be reported remotely and give visibility at any time on the proper functioning of the smoke detector;

- Improve comfort and indoor air quality. Besides its smoke detection function, the device has additional sensors and IZIAIR

algorithm to assess air quality, measure temperature as well as humidity level;

- Reduce energy consumption: this later can be adapted according to each occupant’s needs thanks to the measure and control of temperature, the creation of automated scenarios or the advice provided on the application;

The initiative of the Patio Bordelais residence reflects the innovation values of the Pichet Group and its willingness to consolidate its digital transition. This connected program also enables to provide greater customer experience by supporting the residents and offering them an added-value service that facilitates their daily lives.

The French people yearn for this habitat type in the future. As proof, the study conducted by Reworld Media-Harris Interactive revealing that 6 out of 10 French people plan to equip their home with connected objects. A growing interest for smart homes linked to the highest habitat requirements of residents.

More comfortable, safer and more responsible thanks to a better control over its energy consumption: these are the promises of Pichet Group’s new connected housings.

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