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Ventilairsec and Nexelec are working together to value a connected solution for improved air quality

#Nexelec, a key player in IoT solutions, was chosen by #Ventilairsec Group, French leader on the positive input ventilation market, to participate in the development of its new solution to improve indoor air quality.

In France, 60% of homes suffer from air quality issues (1) and one third of humidity problems (2). Both new and renovated constructions are increasingly well insulated and therefore airtight. Without an effective ventilation system, incoming fresh air is insufficient to flush out the unwanted humidity and indoor air pollutants.

Based on this observation, Ventilairsec Group has developed the #VMI® solution. This positive input ventilation system is designed to improve indoor air quality for a preserved health and a maximum comfort whatever the season.

Ventilairsec Group now includes Nexelec’s wireless connected sensors in its new VMI® Purevent®range:

- #INSAFE+ Pilot temperature and humidity sensors improve the level of precision of VMI® system control. They complement the sensors already included in the VMI® for more precise measurements. If the humidity data does not meet expectations, the VMI® system will be immediately informed by INSAFE+ Pilot sensors. The ventilation system will independently adapt the positive input air flow to achieve an optimal humidity level. These sensors are particularly suitable in bathrooms, kitchens and toilets, as well as in any rooms with excess condensation.

- INSAFE+ Carbon CO2 sensor takes a step further. Not only can this air quality sensor measure temperature and humidity, it can also measure the concentration of CO2 in the selected room. Unsatisfactory indoor air quality? The sensors inform the VMI® system. The ventilation system will automatically adapt its settings to speed up the removal of pollutants.

This cooperation enables to combine the technology expertise of Nexelec in the design of indoor air quality sensors to the know-how and experience of a historical player in the controlled mechanical ventilation field.

Spurred by the complementarity of their activities, Nexelec and Ventilairsec Group formalize a cooperation that highlights the synergies of both partners in order to improve the indoor air quality of residential housing.

(1) Source : OQAI – Observatoire de la Qualité de l’Air Intérieur (French monitoring centre for indoor air quality)

(2) Source : CSTB – Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment (French Scientific and Technical Centre for Building)

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